Woodland camps

  • The firepit in action
  • Cups of tea and a big blue sky
  • Wild garlic
  • Feet in a hammock with a big blue sky
  • Breakfast in the sunshine
  • Friends making breakfast - glamping style!
  • Flowers and firewood, ready for a weekend glamping
  • Dogs keeping watch on the campsite
  • Child helping to build a fire
  • Tea and breakfast in the sun
  • Child playing in the ancient woodland
  • Dogs and children playing in the woods
  • Little boy helping to build a fire
  • Toasting marshmallows on the fire
  • People gathering around the fire at night
  • Dog sleeping by the fire
  • The heart of the fire

Woodland camps

Our woodland camps are tucked away in hollows on the hillside close to our ancient woodland and the stream that runs through it. Each camp is secluded from the others with nothing to see but the meadows, woods, and at night the starry skies.

The camps are truly wild, with deer, owls, badgers, bats and all manner of wild birds regular visitors. To preserve our wilderness and peace no cars are allowed on site; our visitors walk down the fields to their camps, leaving the real world with their cars at the gate (if you have mobility problems please contact us directly).

Our camps are completely off-grid making it perfect for those looking for a digital detox and to get away from the stresses and strains of modern life. All the tents have a luxurious feeling despite feeling completely cut off from the outside world, with proper beds with luxury bedding, comfy sofas and log burners as standard. Each camp has been handbuilt entirely by us from scratch from things that are recycled, found, car booted, made, upcycled, saved or rescued. Some things are on their third or even fourth life on the farm. Look out for the details, expect the unexpected, this is not glamping by numbers.

Fluffy towels are provided for our bespoke outdoor bathrooms with hot showers – each bathroom is completely different so have a look at each camp. Would you rather look out on the beautiful view as you shower in our indoor /outdoor bathroom, or be able to step out from your shower into the wild woods?

Nothing says glamping to us like a real fire at the end of the day, toasting marshmallows, sharing stories and putting the day to rest. Each camp has a firepit for you to do just this and logs to get you started are provided. Firewood comes from fallen trees and branches from our own woodland and we are constantly replanting and extending the existing woodland to ensure this is sustainable.

The water for your showers and kitchens comes from a natural spring on our land which is cleaned before being piped down to the tents. We ask to be considerate about using water while you’re here – relish standing in the hot showers after a long walk, but please don’t leave taps running unnecessarily. All waste water goes back into eco-friendly grey water drainage, so please think about the products that you take into the shower; we provide soaps and washing up liquid that are kinder to our environment.

Solar hubs in the camps provide lighting and phone charging is provided. Although you can charge a phone and we do get a bit of reception down the fields for emergencies, we’d wholeheartedly recommend you take this opportunity to leave your phone with the rest of the modern world behind for your stay and remember what it is to live a little bit wild.

Struggling for something to do without your phone? Why not:

make a daisy chain, build a dam, climb a tree, paddle in the beck, paddle in the sea (have a paddle!), play a boardgame, cheat at cards, watch for the owls, play hide and seek, watch for bats, laze in a hammock, read a book, build a fire, tell a story, write a story, write a poem, toast a marshmallow, roast chestnuts, watch a sunset, watch a sunrise, build a sandcastle, ride a steam train, ride a horse, ride a bike, do a jigsaw, talk to each other, forget the time, go to bed early, go to bed late, sleep in, have a hearty breakfast, have a BBQ, sit on the deck with a glass of wine, just stop for a while, watch the skies, look for shapes in the clouds, count the stars, spot a bird, sit in a deck chair, ride the cliff lift, visit a ruin, drink in the view, pick a bramble (or is it a blackberry?), make a den, go for a walk, stroke a dog, have an ice cream, say hello to our chickens, drink a local beer, try the local gin, walk to the pub, sit in the sunshine, swim in the sea, see a waterfall, admire a bee, climb the 199 steps, hunt a vampire, hear a ghost story, have an adventure, discover Robin Hood, spot the deer, find a fossil, watch the world go by, enjoy fish and chips (you can do this more than once!), breathe the air, smell the flowers, drink our spring water, lie in the grass, snooze by a log fire, forget your worries, rock on a rocking chair, climb a hill, ditch the car, snuggle in, walk on the pier, swing on a rope swing, spot a wild animal, dance in the rain (this is Yorkshire!), take a picture, draw a picture, turn a cartwheel (come on you know you can!), sing a song, forget yourself, try something new, smell the salty sea air, feel the magic, do all of these things and take a little bit of it home with you…