The Writers’ Retreat

The Writers’ Retreat

New for Spring 2022! More pictures to follow!

At the bottom of the sledging field there is a hidden corner the tractors never reached, hidden by a thicket and bounded by the bubbling beck, which is now home to The Writers’ Retreat. The most secluded of all our camps, this one really does feel like you are completely hidden from the rest of the world in your own secret spot.

This camp is closest to the beck and you are just a couple of steps down to the water with your own private tiny bay among the ancient woodland, perfect for paddling or for just sitting quietly and listening to the sounds of the woods. The camp is surrounded by trees, so is perfect for birdwatchers. Hammocks swing between the trees, and a firepit sits in the centre of the camp for you to sit round in the evening, telling stories, toasting marshmallows or looking out for bats and owls. A hanging fireplate and tripod is provided for you to try your hand at cooking over your campfire.

The tent has a wide deck with an outdoor covered kitchen, this one is enclosed with stained glass windows looking out over your camp. There’s a gas hob and oven as well as a gas fridge to keep all your food and drinks cold, as well as a dining table to sit and eat while you look over the woods and camp.

Inside the tent there’s a double sleigh bed, as well as 3ft bunk beds, comfy seating, soft rugs under your feet, a log burner to keep you cosy even on a chilly evening, and of course a writing desk! Imagine the study of an eccentric Victorian explorer in the middle of the woods and you’ve got the idea of the Writers’ Retreat.

The bathroom is only a few steps from the tent and might even our best one yet.. One wall is made of reclaimed stained glass, so as the sun rises the bathroom lights up with all the colours. There’s lots of space for all your things, and the hot shower under the pantile roof comes from a gramophone trumpet (and why not?!).

As with all our camps The Writers’ Retreat is completely off grid, with virtually no phone or internet reception, so if you do feel inspired to write it will have to be the old fashioned on a piece of paper kind!