Northern Skies

  • Friends making breakfast - glamping style!
  • Dog watching the world go by
  • King sized bed - glamping luxury
  • The view from the bed in Northern Skies
  • The perfect glamping kitchen at Northern Skies
  • Mum and daughter relaxing in a hammock
  • Girl taking a shower in our beautiful glamping bathroom
  • Child and his Dad playing by the fire
  • The beautiful glamping bathroom at night
  • The bathroom window in Northern Skies composting toilet
  • Lights over the bed at night
  • The log burner at night
  • People gathering around the fire at night

Northern Skies

Down below the ridge line the far meadow opens up into a grassy field with the ancient woodland below you. The skies seem huge from here and the rolling hills cut off all light from Whitby making this the perfect camp for stargazers.

The wide field ahead of you has your own fire pit, where you can toast marshmallows as you wait for the skies to get really dark and the stars to come out. Stay quiet and you’ll hear the owls calling to each other from the woods; we have tawny and barn owls and if you’re lucky you might see the barn owl swooping across the fields. Bats scud across the sky catching insects.

The inside/outside bathroom lets you shower without losing sight of the landscape and to let the breeze blow over you as you stand in the steaming hot water.  There’s something that feels really free about showering outside! The shower block is completely bespoke made from recycled reused materials, many of which started life on the farm.

The tent has a wide deck with an outdoor covered kitchen, vintage gas cooker, solid oak worktops and a gas fridge to keep your milk and beers cold. You can cook your breakfast while looking out on the camp and watching the kids play, and eat it at the table under the canopy, or out in the field in the sunshine.  You can lie in the hammock at the side of the tent and watch the wildlife, or read a book in absolute peace.

The tent itself has all the comforts you should expect; a king size bed with luxury mattress and bedding, bunk beds with 3ft mattresses suitable for adults as well as children, a comfy sofa to relax at the end of the day and a log burner to keep you warm on chilly evenings.